Kentuck Knob

In the Laurel Highlands, not far from Fallingwater, there is another home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that architecture enthusiasts should check out. Kentuck Knob in Chalk Hill, PA, was designed by Mr. Wright as a home for another area family. Unlike Fallingwater which was designed to be a vacation home for a wealthy family, Kentuck Knob is smaller in size and was designed to be a residence for a small family. I think the house felt more intimate and cozy inside. Like Fallingwater, it is another good example of organic architecture, where the building was designed to exist in harmony with the nature surround it. One part of Kentuck Knob was built into a hill side, so if you view the home from one perspective (as seen in the photo below), it looked like the home is integrated into the surrounding nature. If you plan to come to the area to visit Fallingwater, you should also make time to visit Kentuck Knob. It is definitely worth visiting.

Kentuck Knob

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