South Korea

When you travel internationally, often times it is unavoidable that you have to take long international flights. This part of the trip could be a drag.. or it could be an adventure in itself.

Several years ago, I had a family emergency that required me to travel from the United States to Indonesia within a short notice. Given the last-minute nature of the trip, I had to take the flight option that would get me there the earliest possible, even if it meant inconvenient routing. The flight I ended up taking was on Korean Air, and the itinerary was as follows: 14-hr flight from DC to Seoul, followed by 22-hr layover, and then another 7-hr flight from Seoul to Jakarta. It would’ve been the longest air travel I had ever experienced in my life.

I usually plan ahead for any of the trips that I take. In this trip, however, I didn’t have time to plan, so I pretty much just played it by ear along the way. I had never traveled on Korean Air, nor had I been in South Korea before. So it was completely a new experience. In the next few days, I will post some entries highlighting my experience during this trip. But if you don’t want to wait for the postings, you can also check out my flickr photo album that tells the story about this experience in images.

The photo below was taken at the National Folk Museum in Seoul, South Korea. The building had a nice, elegant architecture, and it was autumn, so there were colorful leaves on the trees and on the ground. How did I end up at the Museum during this trip, you might ask? Well, check out the flickr album, or stay tuned for more on this adventure..

National Folk Museum in Seoul, South Korea

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