The Northeast region of the United States has many historical sites especially related to the American revolution. However, when it comes to national parks, only one of the 58 US national parks is located in the region: Acadia National Park in Maine. I wrote a little bit about Acadia as part of my series of postings on my New England trip a few weeks ago, so this posting is also about Acadia, but a different aspect of visiting the park that might be interesting to potential visitors.

If you ask any locals or frequent visitors to Acadia for a favorite place to visit inside the Acadia National Park, one likely answer is the Jordan Pond. It’s a nice pond in the middle of the park that is located near the Bubbles, two mountains that are among the well-known landmarks inside the park. The scenery is wonderful, but what makes a visit to Jordan Pond memorable is a stop for a lunch or dinner at the Jordan Pond House Restaurant situated near the Jordan Pond. The restaurant has wonderful view of the Jordan Pond and the Bubbles, and it’s also famous for its popovers. These popovers are served fresh from the oven with a meal there, part of dining tradition dated back to 1870s. I followed the suggestion and stopped by at the restaurant for lunch. The popovers are indeed worth the visit (and the wait for table during the busy season).

The photo below was taken from the lawn just outside the Jordan Pond House Restaurant. You can see the Jordan Pond and the Bubbles in the distance. During the summer, the restaurant also has outdoor seatings at the lawn area.

Jordan Pond

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