Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park is located on the Western part of Wyoming. Its main features are the picturesque mountain peaks, the nearby Snake River area, its many lakes, and the wildlife that include the elk, bison, and moose. Most visitors stay at the nearby town of Jackson Hole that is also known as a ski destination during the winter time. Yellowstone National Park is less than an hour north of the Grand Teton.

I visited the Grand Teton as part of a road trip to check out both this park and Yellowstone. We stayed in Jackson Hole, and did a river sightseeing trip on the Snake River (much tamer alternative to whitewater rafting). We were able to observe some wildlife (birds) and enjoyed the scenery from the river. We also drove around the park on the way to Yellowstone – stopping by to see some of the lakes with pristine water that you could see reflection of the mountain on the water and the pebbles at the bottom of the lake. And near sunset, we saw a herd of elk out in the distance.

The photo below was taken around sunset from an overlook where you could see the mountains in the distance and the Snake River meandering in front. This is a classic photograph that must have influenced many shots and landscape drawings; I remember when I was little, in the art class drawing mountains included the meandering river coming from the distance.

Grand Teton

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