Longwood Gardens

The Longwood Gardens is a large botanical gardens in Kennett Square, PA, in not far from Philadelphia. The 1,077 acre gardens consists of 20 outdoor gardens and 20 indoor gardens within 4.5 acres of heated greenhouses. In 1906, industrialist Pierre S. DuPont purchased the property as a private estate, and over the years developed it into what it is today. On occasion, he opened the property for public tours. In his will, he left most of estate to preserve the gardens. After his death in 1954, the Longwood Gardens remained a private property managed by a Foundation, but it is open to the public year-round.

I first heard of the Longwood Gardens from a co-worker while working on a project in Philadelphia area. He mentioned about a wonderful botanical gardens in the area that holds many events, notable a month-long Christmas season celebration where they would have 500,000 lights lighting up the trees and plants in the gardens. I went to Philadelphia for a day trip a couple of years ago and ended the day with a visit to the Longwood Gardens as the evening set and the lights were turned on. It was quite magical; reminded me of the Tavern on the Green at Central Park in New York City, but in much larger scale. This event is very popular and it’s recommended that you purchase timed entry tickets for your visit, especially during the weekends. For safety reasons, they have to control the flow of people entering the gardens (especially the conservatories / indoor gardens).

The photo below was taken during the outdoor fountain light show. There are many other photos from around the garden that I took during this Longwood Christmas visit, but I picked this one for this post as it’s a good representative of the light feast for the eyes outdoors, and it’s not as Christmas specific (since Christmas was last week).

Longwood Gardens

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