Thanying is a restaurant located near Silom Road in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant serves Royal Thai Cuisine, which is essentially Thai cooking but specifically derived from recipes of dishes served for the Thai Royal family. So it’s sort of a ‘refined’ version of Thai food.

When you come to Bangkok, you definitely need to try the authentic Thai food. The best Thai food actually is found on the street — the cheap and authentic food that the locals eat. But if you want to have a nice, fine-dining type experience, you may want to check out one of the restaurants that serve the Royal Thai cuisine. They are generally more expensive than their street food equivalents, but you may also enjoy the dining experience better.

I first learned about the Royal Thai Cuisine when watching Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Food episode on Bangkok. In that episode he went to Bo Lan, a trendy, up-and-coming fine dining restaurant in Bangkok that serves dishes based on age-old recipes. We initially considered going there for our first night in Bangkok, but then decided not to after finding out that the location is quite far away from the hotel where we were staying at, and also considering the price for the tasting menu was really high (especially for Bangkok standard). I found out about Thanying that also serves Royal Thai Cuisine. The restaurant was opened by a Thai Princess who was the head cook at the palace for her sister the Queen. The food seemed to be quite authentic, and it received good reviews from people who had been there.

We had good experience dining at Thanying. Instead of ordering the set menu, we decided to go ala carte and ordered a salad dish, soup, and a couple of select dishes. Everything we ordered was really good. My favorite dish was the salad, yam som o (pomelo — a large citrus fruit like grapefruit — salad with prawn). It was light and refreshing.

The photo below was one of the dishes we ordered, the pad cha (deep fried sea bass with red curry, green pepper corn, galangal, lime leaves, and basil leaves). It was not only a delicious dish, but also quite pretty and colorful to look at, and it’s a good example of a Thai dish with its fresh and varied ingredients.

Pad cha

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