Quan An Ngon

Quan An Ngon is a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam, that serves an extensive variety of authentic Vietnamese dishes. We went there for our first lunch in Hanoi after spending the morning visiting the Ho Chi Minh Complex and the Temple of Literature. The restaurant was mentioned in many travel guides and travel/food blogs on Hanoi, so we thought it would be a safe bet to try out.

We came to the restaurant around lunch time on a Sunday, so the restaurant was quite packed. But they had a large seating area, so it didn’t take long for us to get seated (sharing a long table with other guests). The setup of the restaurant was pretty unique; the seating area was mostly outdoors, surrounded by open kitchen set up like street food vendor stalls. Even though we were given menu to order from, we could walk around and see the food getting prepared. This was nice especially if the description of the dish on the menu was not enough to convince you to order the dish.

The menu was so extensive that we had a hard time narrowing down our selection for the meal. We ordered lotus rhizome salad with shrimp & pork, steamed snail with lemongrass and ginger fish sauce, and grilled beef ngon style. They were all very delicious.

I think this was an excellent restaurant to get authentic Vietnamese food especially if you’re new to Hanoi and not comfortable going out to eat at the street food vendor yet, or if you want to find a large selection of dished in one place, or if you’re coming with a large group of people. The best place to find Vietnamese food is at the street vendors, but most of them specialize only on a particular dish, and very likely they only have limited seating. So, as an alternative, Quan An Ngon would be a good place to go. The place seems to be popular among foreign tourists and locals alike, as we observed from the tables around us.

The photo below was taken from our table right in the middle of the outdoor seating. You could see around the courtyard there were stations with open kitchens where you could look around and order dishes as if you were finding street vendors selling a very specific dish.

Quan An Ngon

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