Hanoi Serenity Hotel

Hanoi Serenity Hotel is a hotel in the Old Quarter area of Hanoi, Vietnam. We stayed there on two separate nights, the first night upon arrival in Vietnam, and the last night before we left Vietnam. We found the hotel on TripAdvisor and booked the rooms online via Expedia.

A couple of days before our arrival, I contacted the hotel via email to arrange a pickup service from the airport. They responded in timely manner, and we didn’t have any problem meeting our driver even though our flight to Hanoi was delayed more than two hours.

The hotel building was laid out similar to most buildings in Hanoi Old Quarter area, very narrow, deep, and tall. This resulted in an interesting layout where to get to the rooms you would have to take the stairs up – not too bad if your room happens to be close to ground floor (our first room was on third floor), but it could be quite an exercise if your room is on the upper floors (our second room was on the sixth floor). This should be a consideration especially if you have little children or anyone who might have problem taking the stairs, since there was no elevator available.

On the ground floor, the hotel had a small breakfast area where every morning complimentary cook-to-order breakfast was served. You could get typical western-style breakfast fare like scrambled eggs, ham, and bacon served with a Vietnamese-style baguette. They also served fresh fruits and Vietnamese-style coffee (with condensed milk if you prefer).

The lady at the front desk was very helpful during our stay. She helped us providing directions to places we wanted to visit (they had complimentary map of the Old Quarter area — very helpful during our walking excursion in the area). She also allowed us to leave our packed luggage in our room for the day even technically we were already checked out. This allowed us to do sightseeing around the city without having to lug our luggage around. The front desk also served as concierge that could help guests arrange trips in and around Hanoi. We didn’t use their service other than for transportation from/to the airport, but many other guests seemed to do so.

The hotel room was pretty spacious, clean, and comfortable. There was Wi-Fi connectivity available, though the connection was a bit spotty at times.

The photo below was taken in front of the hotel. You can see the tall but skinny hotel building that is quite common to see in Hanoi.

Hanoi Serenity Hotel

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