Sapa Rooms Hotel

Sapa Rooms is a boutique hotel in the resort town of Sapa in Northern Vietnam. We found Sapa Rooms on TripAdvisor. Aside from generally excellent reviews from the past guests, there were mentions about the emphasis from the owner and staff to be ‘ethically responsible’ and make positive impact to the local economy, so that was a good starting place to check it out.

I had an email correspondence with Pete, the owner/manager of the hote, to arrange our visit. He provided us with really good information about the hotel, transportation option from/to Hanoi, and the trekking tours we could take there. In the end, we decided to book the transportation from/to Hanoi (train tickets between Hanoi and Lao Cai, and passenger van transit between Lao Cai and Sapa) and the hotel rooms through them (plus the trekking tours arranged through their front desk once we got there). The cost for the transportation option might be a bit more expensive in comparison to what you could get if you do it yourself, but considering the potentially confusing process of getting train tickets at the station, and then getting a ride between Lao Cai and Sapa at early morning or early evening, it’s worth paying the extra cost.

The trip between Hanoi and Sapa was an interesting experience that I wrote about in the last few days. When we finally arrived in Sapa, the driver dropped us off at the hotel. Since we arrived before our room was ready for check in, we waited at the hotel’s lounge/restaurant area and were served complimentary breakfast.

Our room for the one night stay was a large suite with a king-sized and full-sized bed plus separate shower and bathroom — it was large enough for a family of 4-5 to stay. The room was very nicely decorated and very cozy, definitely perfect for resting after spending time outdoors trekking in cold and wet weather. We were able to freshen up at got a little rest before we continued on with the day.

The photo below was taken in our room. You can see the two beds inside the large but cozy room.

Sapa Rooms

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