Hmong Mountain Retreat

After passing the village of Tavan during our trek through the valley near Sapa, Vietnam, we reached the end of our trek. We stopped at a place called the Hmong Mountain Retreat, which was a new venture by the same proprietor of the Sapa Rooms Hotel where we stayed at in Sapa and the one that organized our trek. It looked like they wanted to take us there so we could see this as an alternate accommodation as part of our stay in the area. In the brochure for the hotel that I reviewed before booking, they suggested a mixed stay where guests can stay part at Sapa Rooms and part at Hmong Mountain Retreat to experience both styles of stay.

What makes the Hmong Mountain Retreat different than other accommodation options in Sapa area is that it’s essentially a hotel, but it’s set in the village area away from the town of Sapa so the guests can get away from the crowd and enjoy a simpler, quieter stay in a more traditional accommodation. There were several villas that made up the Hong Mountain Retreat. They were all set up like a traditional homes in the villages so the accommodation inside the villas were quite spartan. I guess this would be somewhere in between staying at a hotel and doing a homestay.

Our guide May showed us around a little bit (I suppose since she worked as a guide for the Sapa Rooms, this was part of her job to promote this new place). We also got to meet several guests who had stayed there the night before, and were waiting for transportation back to Sapa. We huddled around a traditional heater in the middle of the main building in the complex and shared our experiences in the area so far. These guests seemed to enjoy their stay there. After some time, our ride to go back to Sapa arrived, and we took a ride back to the town to end our trek. I guess that was a good thing that they had the van coming to pick us up. Otherwise we would’ve had to trek uphill back to the town.

The photo below is one of the villas at the Hmong Mountain Retreat. You can see that it’s pretty rustic, and it may not be for everyone.

Hmong Mountain Retreat

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