Sapa Market

The Sapa Market is a traditional marketplace at the heart of downtown Sapa, Vietnam. It’s still the main meeting place for people in the nearby villages to to buy and sell their produce and goods. Recently with the increasing popularity of Sapa as a tourist destination in Northern Vietnam, you also see the market evolving to also cater to foreigners who come to visit the market to look for souvenirs, backpacking supplies, and anything that represents the local culture.

We walked through the main street of Sapa and passed through a portion of the market. We didn’t actually get in to the market itself as we didn’t really have any particular need for purchasing anything. The market itself from outside looked similar to many traditional markets that we’re familiar with in other Southeast Asian countries, with stalls occupied by vendors selling fresh produce, mixed with stores selling souvenirs.

The photo below was the main entrance of the market as seen from the main street of Sapa.  The think fog in the morning added a unique feel to the scenery, though for the locals it’s just another beginning of a day in Sapa, nothing special.

Sapa Market

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