When we reached the bottom of the valley after passing the Cat Cat village near Sapa, Vietnam, we were treated with a couple more sceneries that made this particular trek more interesting than the others, a suspension bridge across a stream and a couple hundred feet away, a good-sized waterfall. The local government had developed a nice viewing platform nearby as well.

Waterfall is one of the natural features that always attract visitors. Each waterfall is unique in size, number of tiers of the fall, height, and width. Combine that with the surrounding scenery, it always makes for a wonderful photography subject. For photographers, taking photographs of waterfalls is a good way to learn how varying the shutter speed of the camera affects how one captures the sight of water flowing down the waterfall — slower speed (longer opening of the lens) allows capturing more ‘silky’ flow of the water; higher speed (shorter opening) ‘freezes’ the water flow and captures power of the waterfall. Technically, this is also an opportunity to learn the use of tripod to keep the camera stable while taking longer exposure and perhaps utilizing the camera’s timer to trigger the shot without touching the camera (further reducing possibility of the camera shaking).

The waterfall near the Cat Cat village was no exception. When we visited the site, the weather was not that great with the light rain, fog, and cooler temperature, but it’s still nice to take a landscape photo of the waterfall and the surrounding area, as well as enjoying the sound of waterfall in the distance for a moment.

The photo below was taken from the path not far from then waterfall. I’m sure others had taken better photographs of this waterfall during better weather conditions. It’s still nice to take one nevertheless as a remembrance of the visit there.


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