Restaurant at Sapa Rooms Hotel

The hotel where we stayed while visiting Sapa, Vietnam, the Sapa Rooms Hotel, has a restaurant at its lobby that serves its guests with breakfasts (included in the room price) as well as other meals during the day. Typically I would avoid eating at the hotel’s restaurant as the food is usually not that great and the price might be inflated. But the restaurant at Sapa Rooms Hotel is an exception; they actually have very good food that I think I would consider having even if I wasn’t staying at the hotel.

Our first taste of the Sapa Rooms food was for the breakfast right after our arrival in Sapa. Even though we didn’t stay there the night before, apparently the breakfast was included as part of our stay since that’s a very typical time that guests from Hanoi arrive in Sapa. They had both western and authentic Vietnamese menus available. During our stay, we went mostly with the Vietnamese menus. The food seemed to be quite authentic and were very tasty. The most memorable part for us, however, was not the food, but the beverage. Sapa Rooms restaurant served several mixed fruit juice drinks that were very tasty and refreshing. I think between Kristi and I we ended up trying almost every item on the fresh drink menu.

The photo below was one of the appetizers they served during the day. We had this for lunch on our second day. These spring rolls had grilled snails, fried shallots, spring onions, mixed herbs, and vermicelli noodles for fillings.

Tasty rolls

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