Row Boats

After Smiley finished with his overview of the floating village, he told us to meet back in the lower deck in a few minutes to leave for the floating village visit. He didn’t tell us how we would be getting to the village; I presumed it would be on a tender like how we got to the junk boat from the pier.

Kristi and I went back to our room for a few minutes. While we were in our room, we saw through our window an interesting sight: several small row boats coming from the village direction towards our boat. What made it even more curious, as they got closer we noticed that all of the rowers were women.

Smiley told us to board a row boat in pairs; it worked out pretty well as we had even number of people in our group. After all of us got on board on the row boats, we slowly moved away from our junk boat and went towards the village.

What I learned later on was that these women were from the village we were about to visit. Their husbands worked as fishermen during the day, so we didn’t see them around. The Indochina Junk company hired them to row the boats for the guests and this provided some extra income for the families in the village.

I felt a bit uneasy being on a boat and having a lady rowing it. But the more I thought about it, she probably had done this all her life and was able to do it quite effortlessly, at least compared to someone like me who had never done that before.

The photo below was taken from the top deck shortly after we noticed the boats coming and before we boarded on to the boats.

Row boats

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