Siblings Trip

Del and Jerry are siblings from the United States who were in our Ha Long Bay tour group. They were at the end of their two-week long trip in Vietnam visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay.

Del was a pediatric surgeon who also taught at a medical school and gave workshops in many developing countries, so she traveled frequently. She had been to Vietnam before for work, but this time she wanted to travel for leisure with her brother. Jerry was a geography professor. He didn’t travel as much as his sister, but being in the geography field he knew quite a bit about places including Vietnam.

During the trip we shared the dining table with them during the meals, so we had some good conversations with them. It seemed that they had a nice time to spend with each other during this trip, perhaps a rare opportunity given their hectic professional schedules.

Here was Del and Jerry on their row boat during our visit to the Cong Dam floating village.

Del and Jerry

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