Vacation from Kids

Another group of tourists that made up our cruise tour group in Ha Long Bay was a group that Smiley identified as Stephanie and friends. Kristi and I came in the same minivan as this group from Hanoi. They were two couples who spoke Malay language mixed with Chinese and English, so I initially thought they were Singaporeans. It turned out that I was not entirely correct.

The group pretty much kept it within themselves and didn’t interact much with everyone else. But one morning as I woke up early to take photos, one of the ladies from the group was also up with her camera to take photos. We talked a little bit, and then I found out about their background.

The lady’s name was Stephanie, and it turned out her friend’s name was also Stephanie. They were there with their husbands for a little R&R trip in Vietnam. They were originally from Malaysia (not Singapore as I originally thought), but then they lived in Melbourne, Australia. Both couples have kids, but they left the kids with the grandparents in Malaysia while they traveled to Vietnam. So it worked out; the parents get their adult time, their kids get to see their grandparents.

You can see on the photo below Stephanie and her group on two row boats as we approached the Cong Dam floating village.

Stephanie and friends

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