Private Island

Toward the end of our kayaking session in Ha Long Bay, we saw on a distance another group of kayaks coming from a different direction. Clearly we’re not alone at this part of Ha Long Bay. We kept a little distance to avoid the kayaks colliding with each other, but both groups seemed to be heading to the same direction. I was too busy to keep our kayak moving straight given our rudder problem, so I kept on rowing until Kristi told me to look up. We saw in the distance in front of us several junk boats including a couple of them that looked like ours moored near an island, and all of the kayaks seemed to be going towards the beach on the little island.

We navigated past the junk boats and reached the sandy beach on the island. A couple of folks helped us getting to the shore; I recognized some of them were our crew from Dragon’s Pearl junkboat. It turned out that the island was a private island owned by the Indochina Junk Co., and all of the boats around us were their boat. The island was one of the stops for all of the boats as it provided them with a chance to relax on the beach a little bit, as well as to visit a cave on the island.

Kristi and I ended up walking around a little bit on the island to check out the scenery. It was low tide time, so we could see some of the rocks exposed. That’s a good thing, as we were not wearing our sandals at that point and could’ve hurt our feet walking on those rocks.

After spending some time there, the crew called us to get on the tender that would take us back to our junk boat so we could rest a little bit and get cleaned up before dinner time.

The photo below was taken as we’re approaching the island. You can see the junk boats moored close to the beach.

Private island

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