The World’s Best Known Roadside Sculpture

Few miles west outside the city of Amarillo, Texas, on Interstate 40, if you pay attention on south side of the road, you can see an interesting artwork in the middle of the field. It’s the Cadillac Ranch, a sculpture built as a tribute to one of the most iconic American cars. In 1974, a group of artists called the Ant Farms built this ‘sculpture’ by taking ten Cadillac automobiles ranging from 1949 to 1963 models and burying them halfway into the ground nose first. A local millionaire named Stanley Marsh 3 let the artists built the sculpture on his land. In 1997, the sculpture was moved about 2 miles away to where it is located today to accomododate the growth of the city of Amarillo. Today the sculpture still remains there on the side of the Interstate, and anyone is welcomed to stop by and check out the sculpture. In addition, writing graffiti on the cars with spray paint is also encouraged, so you would surely see something different when you visit it at different time.

This was one of the landmarks that we thought we should try to find and see in person during our coast-to-coast road trip. But spotting it was not easy as we had never been there before and we had been driving for quite a while since we left Santa Fe, NM, with a brief stop in Tucumcari. We also wanted to make sure we get there before it gets dark.

As we got closer to Amarillo, I asked my brother to look to the side of the road for any sign of the sculpture. Finally we saw several cars parked on the side of the frontage road on the side of the Interstate highway. In a distance, we saw the 10 Cadillac cars that made up the Cadillac Ranch. We found the nearest exit and parked our car on the road side, and went through the unlocked gate into the pasture and joined several other people who were also checking out the sculpture.

While we were there admiring this unique artwork, we saw a group of people coming. It looked like a wedding party as we saw many of them dressed up, and sure enough the bride and groom came not long after. They came there to do some photoshoot near the sculpture. Quite an interesting location for a wedding photoshoot. I suppose beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and those seeing the photos would surely identify the place as something unique to Amarillo. Yet another quirky find on Route 66.

Cadillac Ranch

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