National Folk Museum

After walking the grounds of the Gyeongbokgung Palace, our Seoul City Tour group continued with a visit to the National Folk Museum of Korea. The museum is located right next door from the Gyeongbokgung Palace. The museum has artifacts that illustrate the history and traditional life in Korea. It reminded me somewhat to the American History Museum in Washington, DC.

Our visit to this museum was quite brief. I did see artifacts like traditional clothes, musical instruments, games, etc. and also some depiction of traditional practices within the Korean culture. But similar to other museums, you would be able to get more out of the visit if you’re willing to spend more time to really go through the exhibits.

The photo below was taken outside the museum. I noticed this group of Korean schoolboys in their uniform. It looked like they’re enjoying their visit to the museum, though I’m not sure at their age if they really appreciated what they saw at the museum. It reminded me to my own experience visiting museums in school trips when I was young; I was more excited about missing classes and going on the trip with my friends than about learning from the visit to these places. I guess it’s probably the same in any culture or country; you could see similar scene at the National Mall in Washington, DC, or at the National Museum in Indonesia.

Schoolboys at the National Folk Museum

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