After visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the National Folk Museum, we continued our Seoul City Tour to a nearby district called Insa-dong. Insa-dong is a neighborhood in Seoul that is full of stores selling arts and crafts, antiques, and all kinds of collectibles. It is a destination for the locals and tourists alike.

Our tour bus dropped us at one end of the main road in Insa-dong. Our tour guide said that we had about half an hour to walk through the street to check out the stores. The bus would pick us up at the other end, about 1 km or so. Most of us went in groups to make sure that we didn’t get lost. It’s actually also kind of fun to go with other tourists that we met in this tour, as some were looking for items to purchase to add to their collections of items from around the world at their homes. I was not planning on purchasing anything, but I did have some cash in both Korean won and US dollars. In a couple of weeks after this trip, I was going to attend a Christmas party that included a white elephant gift exchange, so I thought I could find something interesting to take home as a gift. At one store, I found a great gift – a hand-drawn landscape picture on paper with some calligraphy. And the price fit within the maximum budget allowed for the gift exchange.

The photo below was taken in front of one of the stores on the main street of Insa-dong. The kittens looked so realistic; you could easily mistake them for the real ones.

Kittens at Insa-dong

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