Badlands National Park in South Dakota features landscape that may not conform to everyone’s idea of beautiful, but the scenery there is certainly dramatic and other-worldly. Weather erosion caused the cliffs on the Badlands Wall to have jagged edges, and mixed with prairie land around, it provides very unique and somewhat surreal landscape. This national park is also known to have one of the riches fossil beds in the world where many unique fossil species had been discovered. The national park’s prairie area is also home for some wildlife, including bison, deer, pronghorn antelope, prairie dog, and black-footed ferret.

I visited the Badlands National Park during a drive from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation at the south of the park on the way to Rapid City, South Dakota. The drive through Badlands took us through very dramatic scenery with towering jagged cliffs around, and at times going through a vast prairie land where we could see a herd of pronghorn antelopes and prairie dog city in the distance.

The photo below was taken from the front passenger seat while we were driving inside the park. Someone on flickr commented on this photo saying that the jagged cliffs looked like serrated knife edge. It’s definitely a unique scenery that you can’t find elsewhere.


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