Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, is another very recognizable landmark in the United States. The Gateway Arch was built as part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, which was established to commemorate Thomas Jefferson’s role in the Louisiana Purchase, which cleared the way for Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore the western part of what is now the United States. The Gateway Arch was designed by architect Eero Saarinen, who was also known for his design work on the Main Terminal at the Washington-Dulles International Airport, not far from where I live in Washington, DC, area.

I visited the Gateway Arch briefly during my coast-to-coast road trip with my brother tracing the historic Route 66 through St. Louis. We only visited the grounds of the Gateway Arch since we were under tight schedule for our trip. One activity that you could do if you visit the Gateway Arch with some time to spare is to take the elevator up inside the Arch. You can also visit the Museum of Westward Expansion to learn more about the history of land exploration in the Old West.

The photo below was taken from the grounds near the base of the Arch. Because of the size of the Arch, I had to take the photo in an angle to capture the whole Arch within the frame.

Gateway Arch

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