Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal is a train station in New York City in the Midtown Manhattan area. It is the largest train station in the world by number of platforms (there are 44 of them on two levels). The Grand Central Terminal serves commuters traveling to and from New York metro area including to some locations in New York State and Connecticut.

I’ve taken trains to go to New York City many times, but the Amtrak train connecting the Northeast Corridor actually goes to Penn Station in Manhattan instead of the Grand Central Terminal. My experience visiting the Grand Central Terminal was several years back when visiting my brother who lived in the Upper East Side of Manhattan but worked in the northern suburb outside New York City. We wanted to meet up after he got out from work, so the most convenient place was at the Grand Central Terminal where he got off from the commuter train and we could continue on from there. Visiting the Grand Central Terminal building itself is quite an experience. The architecture was quite nice, and there are store and restaurants inside, including a gourmet food store and the newly open Apple Store.

The photo below was taken inside the Main Concourse of the Grand Central Terminal while I was waiting for my brother.

Grand Central Terminal

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