Angkor Palm

Angkor Palm is a restaurant on Market Street in downtown Siem Reap, Cambodia, not far from the popular Pub Street. This restaurant server Khmer food. We ate at Angkor Palm per recommendation of a couple of travelers whom we met at our hotel. It was New Year’s Eve when we went to the restaurant, so they had a special deal that included several dishes, a cocktail drink, and dessert. The price for the combination was pretty reasonable (USD $15), so we decided to try it out.

The owner of the restaurant was very nice and welcoming to his guests, but it seemed that several of the wait staff didn’t have as good command of English, so there were times that he had to intervene to help the staff. They were all very polite and courteous, so for us that was not a problem.

When we ordered, there was a miscommunication and we ended up with one set of the combination meal (but with individual cocktails) instead of our intended order of two sets. The one set of dishes was big enough for us to share, so it ended up working out well. But I could see such miscommunication causing problems for other guests.

The food was really good, even though some of the dish names on the menu were a bit strange or misspelled (eggplant caviar (?), calamary, stir-fried mixte vegetable). The ice cream dessert was excellent — I think it was supplied by an excellent ice-cream shop next door, The Blue Pumpkin.

You can see in the photo below the New Year’s Eve special dish that we ordered. Onesampler dish was plenty for both of us. The sampler included: cocktail drink (we had mojitos), Khmer spinach crab soup, mango salad, eggplant ‘caviar’, calamari, amok fish, satay scallops, stir-fried mixed vegetables, steamed jasmine rice, and ice cream.

New Year's Eve sampler

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