The Blue Pumpkin

The Blue Pumpkin is a pastry and ice cream store chain in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They serve freshly baked pastries, cookies, and breads, but people especially come to this place for its ice cream and sorbet. They serve sorbet with all kinds of unique flavors (many based on local fruits), and in a place like Siem Reap where it can get pretty hot outside, having something refreshing like some sorbet is definitely appealing to a visitors.

We found out about the Blue Pumpkin from the same British couple that suggested the Angkor Palm as a place for dinner. The Blue Pumpkin store location in the Old Market area of Siem Reap was right next door to the Angkor Palm. The British couple told us that they thought the Angkor Palm was a good place to eat, but regardless whether we eat there or not, they said save some room for dessert and don’t miss the Blue Pumpkin with its sorbet.

After finishing our dinner at the Angkor Palm, we were served some sorbet there to complete our New Year’s Eve special meal. We didn’t ask where the restaurant got their sorbet from, but we suspect it came from the store right next door from them. After we finished with our meal at the Angkor Palm, we went next door to the Blue Pumpkin, and we were quite amazed seeing the array of unique flavors that they had there — lots of local, tropical fruits that you wouldn’t find in a similar store in the US, like dragon fruit, passion fruit, jackfruit, durian, etc. I ended up getting the Khmer fruits sorbet, which was a combination flavor of several tropical fruits that actually worked quite well. The sorbet was quite light and refreshing; it didn’t feel too much even when having it after a dinner beforehand.

You can see on the photo below some of the flavors that they had at the Blue Pumpkin. It’s definitely a good place to go when you’re in Siem Reap, especially to cool down during or after a hot day sightseeing in the area.

Blue Pumpkin Flavors

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