Inclement Weather

When traveling, sometimes you can have a well planned trip needing to be adjusted due to inclement weather conditions. This can be a deal-breaker especially when the activity you would like to do is outdoors. Such was the case for our second day in Sapa, Vietnam.

After trekking to a couple of villages on the first day, we wanted to do another trek that leads to a waterfall on the second day. The plan was to do this trek in the morning, then spend some time in the afternoon in Sap a relaxing before heading back to Lao Cai in the evening to catch the train back to Hanoi. In my mind it sounded like a great plan — checking out the mountains of Sapa and the natural landscape on the second day. What we didn’t account for was the unpredictable weather, especially during the winter season months.

We woke up on the second day to a foggy and a little bit rainy day. When we went down to the Sapa Rooms Hotel lobby to have breakfast and check on the plan for the trekking, the front desk mentioned that due to the inclement weather, the trek had been cancelled because the trails would quite slippery and a bit dangerous to pass. That meant the plan was shot, and we would have to figure a different plan for the day.

Since the only definite plan now was that we had to be ready to head to Lao Cai by 6 pm, the whole day was then wide open. We decided to play it by ear, and spend the morning walking around downtown Sapa and did our own trek to another village nearby. In the end, it was still an enjoyable and memorable day. I think the point is to not getting frustrated when the original plan got foiled by inclement weather, and instead use the time to find other activities that still make the best use of the available time.

The photo below was taken on the main street of Sapa that morning as Kristi and I walked around the town. You can see the thick fog that pretty much made everything invisible. It gave a different mood and sense of place however when I too some photographs of the town that morning, and for the locals, life went on as usual.

Foggy Morning

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