Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat is a village close to Sapa, Vietnam. The village was one of the several villages that were becoming popular among tourists who came to trek and see the villages where the local minorities live.

Compared to the other villages, Cat Cat is among the closest in distance to Sapa, and the route to get there is pretty straight forward. As such, they have more visitors who come on their own (without tour guide). The local government also tried to capitalize on this by having a ‘toll gate’ where we needed to purchase entrance tickets before entering the only road that led to the village. When we reached the village, there was a booth where they checked for the tickets, and they had a well-laid out path down the valley and through the village, complete with a map that showed the points of interests along the way.

The photo below showed the checkpoint where our tickets wew checked before entering the pathway to the village.

Entrance to Cat Cat Village

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