Fresh Produce

As we walked from the town of Sapa, Vietnam, towards the village of Cat Cat, we passed many local villagers homes. One observation that we made was that many local villagers seem to have garden to grow vegetables in their backyard. Some had quite a good-sized lot; they might have also grown the vegetables for sale in the market.

When we went on a guided trek the day before, our tour guide May said that even though the locals did consume meat, their daily diet was mostly vegetable-based as it’s cheaper (they can grow those themselves). So it’s not a surprise to see vegetable gardens everywhere. We did try a local hot pot dish the night before that had quite a good portion of vegetables in it; I thought it was good, refreshing, and we felt healthy after eating it. In general, that’s something nice to see and experience while going through Vietnam. We had tasty dishes that were made with fresh ingredients, and they seemed to be much healthier diet than what you would find in western countries like the United States.

Below is a photo taken during the walk to Cat Cat village. It was one of those vegetable gardens in the local home’s backyard. The mist from the rain and the cool weather provided natural refrigeration and watering to keep the vegetable fresh.

Fresh Greens

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