Sleepy Village

After reaching the entrance to the pathway to the Cat Cat village near Sapa, Vietnam, we showed our entrance tickets to the gentleman at the entrance booth, and off we went to explore the village through the well-paved and marked path to visit the village.

We walked down through the path following illustrated maps that were posted every several hundred feet or so. This village particularly had done a good job in setting up the village path so it’s easy for foreigners to navigate.

As we walked down the path, we passed a couple of souvenir shops on the side of the path that were set up, but weren’t seeing much traffic that day. One of them didn’t even have anyone manning the shop, only a dog that was sleeping near the merchandise.

It seemed like a very slow, and perhaps boring life there. But now, looking back from a very hectic life in big city, being in such a slow-paced place sounds great to me. I wish I could just be like that dog sleeping in a peaceful, quiet setting and not caring about anything.

The photo below showed the dog sleeping near the souvenirs — completely oblivious of anything going on around.

Sleepy Village

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