Luxurious Cabin

When I travel, I usually look for accomodation that is in good location and is reasonably priced. Cleanliness is obviously important for a room to stay in, but I don’t usually care much for extra amenities or decor that some high-end hotels may offer. For our cruise in Ha Long Bay, the cabin was pretty much what came with the package we booked through the tour company. We did see some photos on their website to get some idea of what it looked like, but sometime photos can’t really give you accurate picture of what you’re going to get.

After getting our keys from Smiley, Kristi and I headed to the lower level of the junk boat to head to our cabin with our luggage. Our cabin was among the smallest they had on the boat — we had one of the cabins with two twin beds. We were not expecting much after our experience with travel cabin on the train to Sapa (especially if it was built for ‘Vietnamese size’). But what we found was actually a very nice cabin. It was not large like a hotel room, but it was quite roomy, pretty cozy, and the best of all, it had a wonderful view to the Ha Long Bay scenery outside — not obstructed by anything at all. The bathroom was quite small; basically a standing shower and a small lavatory, but well designed and looked quite nice to match with the interior of the junk boat. They even had marble tiles on the floor of the bathroom. Quite odd considering we’re on a boat, but it did make it feel more upscale.

The photo below was taken from the corner of our cabin with my wide-angle lens. Notice the wonderful view from the cabin that we enjoyed in the two mornings that we stayed there.

Luxurious cabin

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