Homemade Wine

After arriving at the Cong Dam floating village, we went to what looked like a meeting place doubling up as a local school (there was a blackboard and what looked like a classroom setup). The village mayor who was with our guide Smiley welcomed us to his village. Then Smiley told us that the mayor had a special treat for us. He asked everyone to have a seat.

A couple of gentlemen from the village then started distributing porcelain drinking cups. The mayor then came back with a big water jug and a big smile on his face. Smiley informed us that the mayor wanted to serve us his homemade wine, made with honey.

When we looked closer to the jug, we saw there was honeycomb in it. It reminded me to Travel Channel programs where Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern came to Vietnam and were offered the homemade wine. At least in our case, the drink was not infused with any reptiles or strange animals.

Our group didn’t expect this, but we didn’t want to offend our host. Slowly one by one everyone nodded when asked if we wanted to try some. By the end I think the majority of our group tried it. I didn’t remember much how it tasted; I was just glad I didn’t get sick afterwards.

I took the photo below when Jerry volunteered to try the first sip of the wine.

Jerry drinking homemade wine

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