Little Helper

After having the round of homemade wine, we continued our visit to the Cong Dam floating village with the village mayor giving us an overview of life in the village. He couldn’t speak English, so our tour guide Smiley translated for him.

It turned out that similar to the floating village in Cambodia, these folks also supplement their fishery with some farming as well. I wasn’t sure what kind of fish they had, but the demonstration of feeding the fish looked like what we saw at the Chong Kneas village in Cambodia where they had catfish.

While everyone was watching the demonstration by the mayor, some of us watched a little toddler playing by himself on a side. The toddler, must be around 3 or 4 years old, came with his mom earlier on one of the row boats; her mom was the rower for the boat that Hannah and Sophie were on.

Initially, the little boy was a little shy and hid behind his mom. But as everyone smiled and waved their hands at him, he smiled and slowly came out and after few minutes he started playing around on one of the row boats. His mom watched from a distance as he jumped from boat to boat. I don’t think I would see anything like that in the US (or people would think of you as irresponsible parent if you let your kid play around near water like that). But here we were in a floating village; these folks lived near water at all times, so it’s normal for the kids to play near water even from young age.

You can see in the photo below the little boy and his mom on the boat. He’s not big enough to be effective in helping his mom, but I think simply by cooperating and letting his mom did her job was a good job in itself.

Little helper

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