Candlelight Dinner

As we walked further inside the cave, the lighting for the path changed from electric-powered lights on the ground to a series of candles. It looked like the crew had spent some time to prepare this, given that it must have been more than a hundred of these candles needed to light the remaining path until we reached a large chamber inside the cave. This must have been where the previous inhabitant of the cave lived; it’s quite a sizeable space, and I could tell it’s a good place deep enough into the cave to protect from the elements during inclement weather.

The crew of the Dragon’s Pearl apparently had spent the rest of the afternoon while we were resting on the boat to prepare an elaborate candlelight dinner for us. Similar to the previous meals we had during this trip, it was a nice multi-course dinner. For this particular dinner, the dishes were all prepared on a grill somewhere on the island (or possibly inside the cave somewhere with some ventilation). We had grilled prawns, meat and vegetables in skewers, and some fried rice. Each dish was presented with beautiful food carving to decorate it, culminating with a model of the Dragon’s Pearl carved from a pumpkin.

I remembered the food was enjoyable, but what’s special for this particular meal was the setting and the company we had in enjoying the experience. You can see on the photo below the setting of the dining table inside the cave chamber, with the dimmed lighting around it.

Candlelight dinner

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