Resting During Vacation

When I plan for a trip, I usually try to use the time as effective as possible to make the limited time I have in visiting a place count. Sometimes this means a trip full of activities; great experience, but could be exhausting. One thing I learned was to have a plan but not getting stressed out if certain details don’t go as originally planned. Another important aspect is to keep a pace that my body can take; there is no point going through the experience exhausted or even at the risk of impacting my health.

On the last day of our Ha Long Bay cruise, we had another opportunity for kayaking. However, it was quite a cold morning, and we were told that we had to be ready and packed up by around 10:30 am before a brunch that would be served on our way back to Ha Long City. That meant very little time to get cleaned up and packed up, especially if we try to squeeze in another session of kayaking. Kristi and I decided to skip that activity and instead slept in a little and took our time to relax and get ready.

Some of the guests did go on the kayaking trip. They went around the private island where we had dinner the night before. In the mean time, I had everything packed, and spent the rest of the time on the upper deck hanging out with Dave and others talking. Quite relaxing and a nice change in pace, especially after traveling and doing so much in the last few days.

The photo below was taken on the top deck of the junk boat. The boat had a sun deck that we didn’t use on the previous couple of days because it’s too cold out there, but some of the guests did use these for some time to relax in the absence on having anything else to do.

Resting on Sun Deck

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