Round the World Travelers

Among the guests on our Ha Long Bay cruise there were a couple from the United States who was in the middle of an epic journey to travel around the world. David and Kim were doing the cruise with Kim’s family (mom, brother, sister, and brother-in-law). Kim’s mom was originally from Vietnam, so this trip was also a nice homecoming trip for her.

Kristi and I had a chance to talk with David during our cruise. David said that they planned out the trip for quite a while, saved up for it, and started the journey almost a year before they reached Vietnam. They packed up their belongings in their home in New York City and started the journey that took them to countries in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They decided to meet up with Kim’s family for the Vietnam part of the journey. That must be quite special, as she got to share part of her experience traveling with her family in her mother’s home country, and even to celebrate her birthday there with the family.

From Vietnam, they would continue their trip to Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Kristi provided them with some suggestions on places to check out in Bali. As I write this blog post, I did some google search to see if I could find a website that David told us they had set up during the trip to update their friends and family about their adventures. I couldn’t find the web site, but I did find David’s flickr photostream that had photos from their journey. It looked like now they’re settled in the West Coast, and since then had started a family and now they have a young son.

The photo below was taken by Kristi while we were kayaking on the first day of the trip.

World travelers

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