Hotel with See-Through Bathrooms

One thing to note when planning a trip to Singapore is that the cost for accommodation is generally higher than other major Asian cities. So you want to budget accordingly, and/or select a place to stay that would fit with your budget and plans during your visit. During our short visit to Singapore, we stayed at a hotel called Aqueen Hotel located in the Lavender area of Singapore, north of the downtown / Central Business District area. We found this hotel on TripAdvisor; it generally had good reviews and the price was reasonable (comparable to the amount I would spend in staying at hotels in the United States). The hotel location is about 10-minute walk from the nearest MRT station. We did not try that however since our stay was too short and we ended up taking taxis instead. The hotel is on a major road, so it’s pretty easy to get a taxi.

Our first impression of the hotel when we arrived was pretty good. It looked pretty new, modern, and clean. Our room was on the fourth floor, and while the room was a little smaller than the other ones we stayed at during this trip, it was clean, well decorated, and looked very modern. There was one quirky interior design choice, however, that may make guests uncomfortable staying there. The bathroom had see-through glass walls, with the bottom part frosted but still somewhat see-through. We only stayed one night and didn’t use the bathroom that much during the stay, so it wasn’t that bothersome. Each of us just looked away from the bathroom when the other person was going to use it.

Overall it was a good stay for the one night we spent there. The bed was comfortable, and I didn’t hear noise from the road even though our room was facing the main road. In the morning they served breakfast at the restaurant at the ground floor of the hotel, though we didn’t try it as we opted to go for breakfast at a Hawker Center instead.

The photo below was taken in our room. You can see the bathroom with the see-through glass walls in the background.

Aqueen Hotel Lavender

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