Electronic Stores

We also saw stores selling electronic gadgets in Singapore’s Chinatown. While you can find big electronic superstores elsewhere in Singapore, there were some of these smaller independent stores found in places like the Chinatown area where you can find the same goods, but with more personalized service from the store owner, and negotiable price.

These stores reminded me to areas in Jakarta’s Chinatown where people in Jakarta would go to look for electronics. There are many of these stores that from outside it looked like they sell the same goods. As a buyer, you can go from store to store to find what you’re looking for at the right price, or in some cases, some people may have their favorite store or someone they know who they trust and always go to. Prices are negotiable, and sometimes the store owner may even bundle extra items to ‘sweeten the deal.’ In the US, you can probably find stores similar to these in big cities like New York City, but this type of stores is becoming a rarity and most people these days would either get their electronic gadgets from superstores like Best Buy, directly from company stores like the Apple Store, or online through sites like Amazon. There are also sites like eBay or Craig’s List where you can find individual or smaller sellers and alternatively second hand merchandise. The personal touch of interacting with the store owner is replaced with convenience of ordering from home at potentially lower price.

We saw the store on the photo below in Chinatown Singapore. It looked like it sold cameras and other electronic goods. What caught my eye was the name of the store, Amazon. I’m quite sure it’s not associated with Amazon the online superstore, but I suppose it’s not a trademark violation having a store with the same name.

Amazon camera store

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