Simpler (or Different) Life

When we were descending through the paved pathways towards the village of Cat Cat near Sapa, Vietnam, several times we were passed by locals who were able to navigate through the steps on the paths faster than us. A couple of time we were passed by some children who seemed to live in the village.

As I remembered observing those children, I couldn’t help to think if they live a simpler, or at least different, lives than their counterparts in big cities. I didn’t know how much the incoming tourism industry introduced the western culture to them, but looking at some children playing in the backyard, or simply just walking with their friends through their village, seemed to be a timeless part of life in any culture that sadly in the modern age today has been replaced with television, video games, and other more individualistic and less active activities. I thought it’s also interesting that those in more ‘modern’ world would romanticize life in the countryside through TV programs like Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables — this was the association that came to my mind when I saw the local girls passing by seemingly care free and didn’t pay much attention to the tourists like us whom they passed on the path ways. I suppose we tend to look at life that is different than ours as potentially something better, if anything, to take our minds away from our current world momentarily.

The photo below was taken during the walk. You can see a couple of girls walking through the path enjoying each other’s company and carrying flowers in their hands.


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