Surprise Celebration

We went back to our junk boat after we were done with the memorable dinner inside the cave on the island in Ha Long Bay. But before everyone headed to their cabins for the night, the Dragon’s Pearl crew asked everyone to head to the dining room instead. They said our tour guide Smiley had some announcements to make before we end the night.

We were already pretty tired after a long day, and some folks looked like they’re about to fall asleep as we waited in the dining room for Smiley. Then the back door opened and Smiley came in with all of the Dragon’s Pearl crew members, all with big smiles. The chef and head server came in with two cakes on platters. It turned out that they had a surprise birthday celebration for two of the guests who had their birthday during our trip. Del’s birthday was the previous day, and Kim’s birthday was that day.

We sang happy birthday, and then Smiley opened up the mike for anyone to say or sing something in their own language (other than English) to congratulate the birthday ladies. Dmitri said something in Dutch to wish the two ladies happy birthday. Then Kim’s sister suggested that Kim and Dave did a short swing dance like what they did during their wedding a little more than a year before. Apparently they were quite good dancers, and it’s pretty impressive to see them dancing in the middle of the dining room on the boat that didn’t have much room to maneuver.

That was quite nice of the crew to throw the birthday celebration, especially as both ladies had their close family members (Del’s brother and Kim’s husband, mom, sister, brother, and brother in law) to celebrate the occasion with them. Another great touch to make the trip memorable to the guests.

Here was Del with her birthday cake afterwards before we had the cake cut up and distributed to everyone to enjoy.

Surprise birthday celebration

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